La Taverna Toscana” The ancient cellars  have been transformed into Ristorante and Wine Bar 

The Ristorante offers a fine selection of Tuscan and Italian food to enjoy also in its terraces at sunset

WINE TASTING   to enjoy the wines Brunello  di Montalcino, Chianti Riserva or Nobile di Montepulciano selected from the most prestigious local wineries

OUR PRIVATE COLLECTION Has supertuscan wines from BORGHERI  like SASSICAIA from LaTenuta San Guido or the ORNELLAIA , Grattamacco o Masseto

DINERS OR PARTIES  - The Restaurat has a capacity for 75 person and it is an ideal place to celebrations or diners with friends and dance with our  MUSICA LATINA.  Its great fun.

COOKING LESSON  are provided to learn, cook  and apreciate the qualities of the Tuscan and Italian food. Stay one morning in the Restaurant with our cook and take back with you easy dishes to prepare nice and easy dishes to surprise your friends  at home. 

Gourmets  are sure to appreciate the quality  of dining  at Laticastelli.

Ristorante  La Taverna Toscana    

Tel +39 0577 72 5513