In the market of Siena,  you canb buy tipical products, clothes or shoes of all types, at reasanoble prices.   For morte important shopping you can got to the Outlet of the Valdichiana, Prada  or in “The Mall”    near Florence, you find top brands like Ferragamo, Gucci, Tods, Valentino e Armani.

Tuscan Wine

For all those who appreciate fine wine, LATICASTELLI offers tours to the most respected wineries in the Chianti, and also to Montepulciano and to Montalcino, to savour the famous Nobile and Brunello.  

ASK FOR DEGUSTATIONS of BORGHERI wines like  SASSICAIA di LaTenuta San Guido o ORNELLAIA , Grattamacco o Masseto  from our WINE COLLECTION

Florence and Art

The renaissance made Florence famous for its art and culture. Today the city itself is a living museum, with the exceptional architecture of its Cathedral, and also of its museums, palaces and churches. The art continues at its highest expression in the Cathedral of Siena and in the Basilica of Assisi. There are all within one hour drive from Laticastelli

Pool & Wellness

The pool has outstanding views and its a perfetc place to enjoy and relax. The thermal spas in RAPOLANO TERME are very close to Laticastelli. MASSAGES can be requested at the Reception